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Paint Events

This project represents a comprehensive effort to re-imagine and revamp the "Mobile Paint and Sip" website, with a core focus on elevating its capability to drive reservations and, in turn, augment the overall business value. The endeavor involves a meticulous assessment of the existing website's user experience and interface, followed by the strategic implementation of user-centric design principles.


In Noghte

This project aims to comprehensively enhance the user experience (UX) and accessibility of  "Innoghte" website. As a UX designer, researcher, and UI designer, my role encompasses various facets of improving this digital platform to ensure it meets the needs of all users, providing a more inclusive, intuitive, and visually appealing online experience.


Peachy AI Skin Care

"Peachy" is an AI-powered skincare application focused on the user's needs. It offers personalized skincare recommendations, skin analysis, routine tracking, and tutoring. By leveraging advanced AI algorithms, Peachy assesses skin type, environmental factors, and lifestyle to provide tailored skincare guidance. Users can easily track their routines and access one-on-one tutoring to achieve healthier, radiant skin.

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